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Gas Metrology

Gas Metrology Activity is underpin gas measurements in the field of global atmospheric monitoring of Green House Gases (GHGs), National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) parameters (e.g., PM2.5/PM10, CO, SO2, NO2 and Particulate -Pb, -As and –Ni, etc.) and vehicular emissions.

The laboratory is providing calibration and traceability through its participation in international inter-comparisons to SI unit, and development and dissemination of Primary Reference Gas Mixtures (PRGMs) as well as by conduction of Proficiency Testing (PT) schemes in this field. The laboratory has established facilities for the gravimetric preparation of PRGMs, their analytical validation and impurity analyses. Available standards: CO2, CH4, CO, SO2, NO and transfer standards of high volume PM2.5 sampler.

  • Preparation of primary gas standards for air quality measurements.
  • Certified reference materials developments for pollutants listed in National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS).
  • Transfer standard of high-volume PM2.5/PM10 sampler.
  • Cutoff size calibration facility for PM sampler (under development).
  • Filter efficiency testing.
  • Reference metal concentration determination in PM2.5/PM10 filter samples.
  • Aerosol related R & D studies.
  • Workshops/training on NAAQS parameters.
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Dr. (Ms.) Daya SoniPrincipal Scientist (Head Sub. Div. # 03.02)dsoni@nplindia.org
Dr. Shankar Gopal AggarwalPrincipal Scientistaggarwalsg@nplindia.org