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Biomedical Metrology

Taking a concern of public health in our country, this group is actively engaged in fabricating indigenous point-of-care devices using novel biocompatible sensing materials for the diagnosis of chronic disease viz. renal dysfunction and heart disease by quantifying their markers. We have taken initiatives to establish standardization of medical equipments. New facilities are being set up for the calibration and testing of biomedical equipments viz. the defibrillator machine, defibrillator analyzer and the electrical safety analyzer in NPL. Defibrillator is used for critical & emergency safety of the patient suffering from cardiac arrest and is commonly available in hospitals, ambulances, medical institutes and public places. However, if the amount of energy applied to the patient is lower than the pre-set value, the signal applied onto a patient will not be sufficient. Alternatively, a high amount of energy applied to the patient than the pre-set value would be detrimental to human life. To measure the energy delivered by a defibrillator, defibrillator analyzers are used. In order to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the defibrillators, the output energy level should be calibrated regularly.

Biomedical Metrology Division of CSIR-NPL has also established the calibration facility for infusion pump analysers. Infusion pump is extensively used biomedical equipment. The prime application of the infusion pump is the accurate and precise delivery of drugs, blood and even nutrition, as volume (mass) is the most critical parameter in medical treatment. It also has wide applications in microfluidic based biomedical devices and thus its traceable calibration is crucial for accurate measurements. Gravimetric method is most preferred primary calibration method for infusion pump and infusion pump. Gravimetric principle relates the flow of a liquid to its volume delivered in the specified time. Further, the volume and density of the known liquid, at a given temperature, is directly associated with the weight of the liquid, which is measured using high precision balance, and thus obtained its traceability from mass. Though gravitation method, being a primary method, is mostly used by NMI’s for the calibration of infusion and infusion pumps, the hospitals and secondary laboratories instead use infusion pump analyser to disseminate the traceability of flow in infusion pumps with incremental uncertainty. The schematic of the Infusion pump analyser (IPA) calibration set up at CSIR-NPL is shown below.

The calibration of another biomedical device namely electrical safety analyzer is essentially required for electrical safety testing to ensure safe operating standards for any product that uses electricity. Various governments and agencies have developed stringent requirements for electrical products that are sold world-wide. To conform to such standards, the products must pass safety tests such as the high voltage test (also called as Dielectric voltage-withstand test or high potential test), Insulation Resistance Test, Ground (Earth) Bond & Ground Continuity Test & Leakage Current Test (also called as Line Leakage Test, Earth Leakage Current Test, Enclosure Leakage Current Test or Patient Leakage Current Test). These tests are described in IEC 60335, IEC 61010 and many other national and international standards. With increasing requirement for calibration of these biomedical instruments we will be providing calibration services using standards with accuracy traceable to International system of units (SI) through a National Measurement Institute like CSIR-NPL.

  • Development of Biomedical metrology and Instrumentation.
  • Development of sensors for chronic diseases (uric acid).
  • Biomedical Metrology, Safety Analyzer.
  • Binding of drugs to milk protein and Biosensors for food toxins.
  • Optical Imaging and electrical characterization employing. microfluidic based platform for development of advanced biosensors and particle separator.
  • Studying assembly of 2D materials, molecules, nanosystem for film fabrication using Langmuir-Blodgett techniques.
  • Development of methods and protocol for Electrostatic force measurements.

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